• What is special about GrannyFinder?

    Only mature women who really know what they want register on GrannyFinder. They are either looking for younger men who they can teach something to or for mature ones who are more at their experience's level. Since grannies know very well what they are looking for and what their needs are, contact can often be made very quickly - and often the women themselves make the first step. Moody, insecure or shy behavior is much less common than with younger women. And as a result, the success rate is also higher. The ideal condition for every man who is into mature ladies. The registration is completely free of charge - make up your own mind about it now, without any risk.

  • What does make grannies stand out?

    Grannies are generally referred to as mature women who are over 50, in some cases even over 60 or even older. These women have often come a long way in their careers and the children are out of the house. They can be the housewife next door as well as the professionally successful business woman. They have experienced a lot and know exactly what they enjoy and what they want. And they are not shy or afraid to say it and pursue it. Don't be surprised if the lady insists on choosing the restaurant for the first date as well as picking up the bill!

  • How to properly behave when dating grannies?

    There's a difference between dating mature women and dating younger and inexperienced ones. Grannies are in their midlife, i.e. they have already been able to gain very, very much experience. And are therefore self-confident and experienced. Nevertheless, they are still very eager to experiment and want to live enjoy their sexuality to the fullest. Many grannies get a "kick" when they can let men feel their experience and maturity. They like to lead and guide and often take the initiative. This is especially appealing to men, as they can then simply surrender and let themselves be pampered.